Environmentally friendly


95% of the resources used during your service will be diverted from landfill and sent for recycling thanks to our partnership with Sustainable Salons.

It is important to us to be environmentally friendly, to be environmentally responsible  and to be environmentally proud. Our association with Sustainable Salons has been in place now for several years and the recycling approach is recognised as best practice in the industry.

Recycling Metals

All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon's metals will be donated to not-for-profit- community based-organisations.


Plastic product bottles, packaging and bags are recycled into outdoor furniture and underground sheeting to protect the NBN.


Any leftover chemicals will be recycled in to water and used in construction/road works.

Your hair

Cutoff hair will support charitable causes such as oil spill clean-up projects, local community gardens and charitable wig making services.

Tools and equipment

Once our tools reach the end of their life-span, they will be broken down and all valuable parts will be repurposed.